Unmapping: Race Series are bikepacking races that traverses northern Europe, from north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland to the southern point of the Scandinavian peninsula. From the archipelago of the Baltic Sea to the lochs of the Atlantic coast. Along the routes nature shifts from vast marshes and wide rivers in the north to wild greenery in the far south.

Unmapping: Sweden (2023)

Unmapping Sweden traverses Sweden, from north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland to the southern point of the Scandinavian peninsula. Along the route nature shifts from vast marshes and wide rivers in the north to wild greenery in the far south. At the start the sun never goes down, while night cycling on the southern part of the route demands artificial light on the bike. The route holds everything from top notch tarmac (sorry, a mistake) via fast gravel, lumpy gravel, painfully forgotten tractor roads and some trails and fields with rare hike a bike sections and gates that you need to open. There are two fixed routes to choose from. They share most of the route but the "easy" route is about 100 km shorter, has more sealed roads, less climbing and generally avoids much of the slower and demanding terrain that other one rather seeks out.


June 26th to July 7th, 2023


Start in Kiruna, finish in Smygehuk


Racers can ride solo or in a pair


2.350 kilometres, 20.000 meters of climbing


After party on July 7th, 2022


3.000 SEK including tracker rental


2350km — 10 days / 2250km — 12 days

The exact routes remain secrets until four or five weeks before the start.

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Race Unmapping: Sweden

Unmapping: Hestra (2023)

Unmapping: Hestra is a race along the last 350 kilometers of the Unmapping: Sweden route, or to be more exact, the shorter route, which is less technical than the longer one. But that doesn't mean Unmapping: Hestra is a piece of that famous cake. The course has about 2.800 meters of total elevation and demands a lot of attention to the GPS. Hundreds of turns are included in the fee and we bet you will have to stop and turn around at least once…


July 1st to July 2nd, 2023


Start in Hestra, finish in Smygehuk


Racers can ride solo or in a pair


350 kilometres, 2.800 meters of climbing


After party on the evening of july 2nd


950 SEK including tracker rental

The exact routes remain secrets until four or five weeks before the start.

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Race Unmapping: Hestra

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Unmapping: Sweden?

It is a timed non stop bike race on mainly "alternative" roads, traversing Sweden. From Kiruna in Lappland to Smygehuk on the southernmost tip of Sweden.
It has two routes.

Why two routes?

To make riding Unmapping: Sweden more accessible for less competetive riders. The courses are basically one and the same.

Who can race?

Anyone! As a solo rider or with a partner as a pair.

What is the difference between the routes?

The Shorter is about 110 km shorter , has a larger share of tarmac and a somewhat flatter profile. Fewer off road-like sections will make it easier, too.

Do I have to carry food for days on my bike?

On both routes, the first place where it is possible to buy a meal is after 260 km. Shops and restaurants are not everywhere, especially not during the first 1500 km.

Is it safe to drink water from streams?

Yes, if it is clear and running.

What about mosquitos?

Use a repellant, cover your body and keep riding.

Mountain Passes? Climbing?

The highest points are at about 500 meters. The shorter course climbs circa 18.000 meters, the longer closer to 20.000 meters.

Where are the check points?

CP 1 Arvidsjaur
CP 2 Sollefteå
CP 3 Rättvik
CP 4 Skövde

Are the routes fixed?

Yes. You need to ride the complete route, or "course", to be acknowledged at the finish. Also, you will carry a card that has to be stamped at four checkpoints (CP).

Is there a time limit?

Yes. The time limit for the short course is 12 days and 10 days for the longer course. There will be cut off times at CP3 and CP4.

What happens if I don't make it in time?

If you complete the course after the maximum time, you will be considered a finisher but out of contest.

What happens if a pair splits?

The riders or the remaining rider can finish but will be out of contest.

Is it gravel roads only?

No. The shorter course is 65-70% unpaved and the longer is 75-80%. The shorter course also generally has smoother unpaved surface than the longer course.

What bike is most suited for the race?

A gravel bike with a tire width of at least 35mm if you are light weight and riding the easier route.

Can I ride a MTB?

Sure. That might make you faster on certain sections and slower on others.

How do I get to Kiruna?

All roads lead to Kiruna. Trains and planes. BUT, since we take the climate crisis seriously and care very much for the environment as a whole, we beg you NOT to fly as long as you can take the train.

What is the entry fee?

3.000 SEK / rider including tracker rental and post race get together. The fee is 50% refundable until March 31st 2023. Swedish riders can obtain this ensurance that covers the registration fee in case of sickness or injury. Follow this link

Can I transfer my spot to another race?

You may not transfer your spot to a later occasion.

Can I transfer my spot to another rider?

You may transfer your spot to another person at a small cost until May 21st. Send an email for instructions to ride@unmapping.cc.

Is there a price after finishing the race?

Nothing but the glory.

Is the number of participants limited?

Yes, the first year of Unmapping: the limit is 25 riders on each route.

How do I register for Unmapping: Sweden?

How do I register for Unmapping: Hestra?

Race Rules


The route is fixed and to be ridden from start to finish


You must stamp your card at the four checkpoints


Drafting is only allowed if riding as a pair


Traffic laws must be observed


Leave no trace behind


Helmet, traditional compass, first aid kit and travel insurance are required

Unmapping: Future Races


Unmapping: Hestra 350 km
Unmapping: Sweden 2350 km


Unmapping: Rättvik 900 km
Unmapping: Säfsen 300 km


Unmapping: Sweden 2350 km
Unmapping: Hestra 350 km


Unmapping: Hestra 350 km
Unmapping: Union XXXX km

Race Results: TBA


Unmapping: was born out of the curiosity of the unknown, of what's around the corner, the next corner, the next and the next. Unmapping is the experience of transforming two dimensional projections of environments through sensory input and thus moving the imagined into reality and later memories of our world.

Peter Tonér & Gabriel Kanulf

Please act responsibly

Peter Tonér and Gabriel Kanulf are behind Unmapping: We have been cyclists for as long as we can remember and are still developing our takes on the concept of cycling. Between us we have a gazilllion or so kilometers during ordinary and out of the ordinary brevets, urban commutes, and yes, one or two gravel rides.

Peter´s planning his first international bikepacking race in 2023, as well as PBP. We´ll see what´s come out of that at the end of the season.

We want cyclists to ride our long and short bikepacking races in Sweden and Norway. We see straight and winding roads that sometimes seem to be more or less forgotten. We see the old and the present Sweden, we see fields and forests, lakes and marshlands that shape the Swedish countryside. The light that the sun creates for more than a month in the summer, in the major part of Sweden and Norway is fantastic. It brings the same amazement every year.

We see Norway that has large areas with breathtakingly dramatic nature. Roads over passes, roads on mountainsides overlooking green lakes and fjords. When we say breathtaking we mean it and when we say gravel roads packed with hairpins we mean that too.

Unmapping: wants to inspire people to ride day and night in these landscapes, in that endless light. If we raise a heightened awareness of the importance of treating our environment responsibly, we would be more than thankful.

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To register for our events you will have to share the following personal data with Unmapping: First and last name, nationality, e-mail, telephone number, year of birth, address. Optional: information about your gender, your social media or your sponsors. For publishing the tracker data, results etc on our website, you can use a nickname instead of your real name.
Pictures and or videos of participants may be taken by us during the races. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will only process your e-mail. If you submit a query, request or complaint, we will process any personal data that you voluntarily provide us with. We will process the In case of emergency details (ICE) that you provide to us, if absolutely necessary.

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